NOMOS Consulting is a young and dynamic company, founded in 2018, with commitment to excellence in improving, streamlining and leveraging business relationships and opportunities between international and national public administrations, small and medium enterprises and civil servants.

Operating in the domains of Software Engineering, Geospatial Information Systems (“GIS”), extrajudicial assistance for international civil servants and innovative eLearning products, we work together with our partners and customers to deliver complete business technologies and solutions, capable of meeting the standards of the most demanding professional environments.

We provide skillful software engineering to the full spectrum of technologies, from simple static front- end prototyping to high-performance distributed computing technologies, enabling clients to address their toughest business challenges with confidence and ease. Through our established services concerned with the collecting, processing, analyzing, saving, retrieving and exchanging of information, we pride ourselves to provide our clients with punctual guidance and support, through customized consulting services in our domains of expertise and operation.

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