Pro-Veritate Opinion

An opinion pro-veritate is a legal opinion that is drafted, in accordance with the meaning of the Latin locution borne in its name, in the exclusive interests of the truth, that is, from a point of view which is extraneous to the party litigants themselves.

Consequently, having carefully examined the legal case at stake, NOMOS Consulting will provide the client with an impartial opinion, indicating not only the favourable scenarios and the legal solutions for its resolution, but also the challenging aspects of pursuing legal action, together with a summary of the associated risks, in terms of career and financial interests.

The drafting of the above-mentioned opinion, on our part, normally implies the need to conduct an extensive legal, doctrinal and jurisprudential research. Such in-depth study will provide, in the end, a body of instrumental knowledge for the client’s decision-making process, enabling the latter to quickly move forward on the best possible path.


Time and Effort Required

The time and effort required, on our part, to redact a custom-tailored legal opinion may vary according to the complexity of the issue represented. In any case, the costs range from a minimum of EUR 250, sufficient for the majority of cases, to a maximum of EUR 500, for the most complicated disputes, VAT-inclusive. The opinion can be delivered both in hardcopy or in electronic format, depending on the client’s needs. Opinions delivered in hardcopy are subject to an additional surcharge which will cover shipping and handling costs.

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