Why invest on eLearning?

Learners want to engage with the content. Passive content is not an elegant way to spark the learner’s interest. By incorporating custom-built interactions or customizing existing interactions, we lift the bar higher. We design courses that are intuitive and engaging – providing a holistic user experience. We provide a variety of RAD tools, such as Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, and Engage to build effective and engaging courses that are cost-effective and meet the compressed timelines. We use this when there is existing content that may be in form of pdfs, PowerPoint decks, or word documents among others. RAD provides us with the capability to rapidly engage in building storyboards based off client content and convert them into visually appealing, engaging, and interactive content.

Why engage NOMOS for your eLearning needs?

Our eLearning services are customized to fit your budget and training needs. You can engage us during the pre-design/design stage, course development stage, or learning solutions delivery stage. We strive to achieve a balance between using the best learning strategies and the appropriate technologies, which results in customized eLearning solutions for your organization.

How do we develop your idea into an eLearning course?

We begin analysing your requirements and content, engaging your SMEs and/or team to design a eLearning strategy that fits your needs. Next, our IDs, graphic artists, animators, and eLearning developers strive to develop the course, which is engaging, interactive, and learner-centric. Finally, we help you deploy your training solution, either on your platform or on ours.