NOMOS partners with ArcaNoae

On 5 April 2019, Arca Noae, LLC and NOMOS Consulting have entered into an agreement for the distribution of Arca Noae’s products, with a specific focus on the territory of the Republic of Italy.

Arca Noae is an OS/2-focused software and development company, providing expert consulting for a wide variety of OS/2 and eComStation installations.

Arca Noae’s flagship product is ArcaOS, a new OS/2-based operating system, based on IBM’s last release of OS/2 Warp 4, MCP2, fully supported by Arca Noae’s team of engineers and developers, and a true upgrade path for customers currently using OS/2 or eComStation products.

With this agreement, NOMOS plans to resell and provide support to customers who decide to invest in ArcaOS to keep their legacy applications up-to-date, including custom written OS/2 applications, favorite, classic OS/2 productivity, word processing, spreadsheet, or graphics applications. Moreover, being powered by IBM OS/2, Technology ArcaOS remains today a “better DOS than DOS and a better Windows than Windows”, when it comes to address Windows 3.1 and DOS legacy application.

The team at NOMOS is enthusiastic to announce its partnership with Arca Noae, LLC and looks forward to expand its portfolio of services, by offering to its customers the alternative to choose a robust, solid and up-to-date operating system, capable of addressing all their business needs.

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